The Plug Uglies Wrecking Crew

  Through thick and thin, until the end, family we will be.  

Through blood and sweat, with no regret, forever Plug Ugly. 

About Us

Our Mission


  The Plugs are a social club based in the Southeastern United States dedicated to the advancement of the local music scene. We especially work to promote the punk, metal, rock, and hardcore scenes, working to unify these various groups into one whole. Instead of all the punks over there, and the metal heads over here, why not bring them together, so that instead of 5 shows with 20 folks, we can start having shows with 100 people getting exposed to new music. 

 We are also a family that comes together to support each other. Be it helping with medical bills, or something as simple as a ride to work sometimes, we strive to better ourselves and the brothers and sisters we call our second family.   

Our History


 The club was founded on October 15th of 2011. Started in Columbus Georgia, best friends and band mates Chad Darkwait and Allen Nasty split off from the bike club they had been a part of to focus on their true passions: music and brotherhood. Taking the masked skull logo of their band, the seminal horror punk group 213, they chose a name they liked and formed the Plug Uglies Wrecking Crew. 

The first show thrown under the club banner, the first Ugly Fest, was thrown at Herman’s in Dothan Alabama. Soon after the club began running shows out of the Eighty-Five, a Columbus bar, until they were able to open the first Plug House. They quickly out grew it and moved into the main Plug House which was the clubs headquarters until November of 2015. The second Plug House, in Dothan, was opened in early 2014. 

The March following the clubs founding Allen Nasty, died in a gun accident in the first Plug House in Columbus. He was buried in his hometown of Dothan. The following year, and every year since in late March the club comes together to celebrate his life at Nasty Fest. 

The club has since grown to have members across the southeast, with full chapters in five states.

Allen Nasty


 For those who knew him in life, nothing more need be said as the impression that he left resonates to this day. For those who did not, spare a few moments to learn about the co-founder and leading influence on the club we know and love. Without his passion and sacrifice, it would not be here today. 

Nasty was born in Dothan, where he lived for much of his life. He acquired his nickname in high school, a name that would stick for the rest of his life. Music was always one of his driving forces, which came to full fruition when he joined 213. Moving to Columbus he lived a life on the road. 

Alongside Chad Darkwait he formed this club, being absolutely instrumental every step of the way in those early days. He was the National Vice President from the clubs inception until his tragic death in March of 2012. He was able to see the club grow to cover four states, and the founding of the first Plughouse, a template for the great things that were to come. Great things that would never have happened were it not for him.    

Nasty was known for a number of things. He would take no shit. If he considered you a brother, he would do anything for you. There are dozens of anecdotes about his life, stories to make a sailor blush or a nun cuss. He was the epitome of Punk Rock, a legend in his own time. There is a reason we honor him as much as we do. 

A Bit more about us

What the Club is About: Music


 When the club began, its primary focus was helping the scene. It was about brotherhood too of course, but music was the driving force behind everything that was done. To that end we throw shows, support venues and bands, and generally help out the scene in any way that we can. 

What that means from member to member will naturally be different. Some members book shows, while for others it might mean having a couch or two that a band can crash it. It might simply mean showing up at all the local shows and buying merch. Or helping to work the door or provide security. 

We all have a part to play, but most importantly, we try to not wait around to be told ways you can help out. Being proactive, and thinking up ways to help on our own. Got a printer? Run some cheap black and white flyers and throw them up. See a touring band looking for dates? Shoot a message to a plug you know booking shows. 

There are a million things we can do to build the scene, but it will take us all working together to get it there. 

What the Club is About: Family


 As the club has grown and matured, its focus has shifted equally to being a family. We are still all about helping our local music scenes of course, but the club has come to fully realize how tight the bonds of brotherhood are, and how powerful they can be. 

The first test of that came with the death of Allen Nasty. When it happened the whole club came together to help support each other in their grief, and Allen’s family in their time of need. It set a precedent that we follow to this day, in always helping in each other’s most trying times. 

It’s also about the good times however. There are few greater pleasures than sitting around sipping beer with your club mates, shooting the shit and listening to music.   

And always we keep in mind how we can help our fellow Plugs. Hear about a place hiring? We pass it on to a Plug in need of a job, or maybe just a better job. Maybe we know of someone selling a good, cheap car, and a Plug without one. Make that connection. We are all  striving to help each of us reach our full potential, both as individuals and as a club.

What the Club is not about: Motorcycles


 We might have the look, but we are not a bike club. This is very important. 

We are not a bike club.   

We have operated from day one trying to maintain good relations with bike clubs, while maintaining that we are something totally different. We don’t want to be associated with their lifestyle, and they in turn don’t want us infringing on their operations. Keeping a clear delineation between the two types of clubs is essential for everyone’s safety.   

Part of this entails us not wearing anything on our vests that could be interpreted as claiming territory. So we don’t do that. 

This does not mean however that you can’t own a bike. We just make sure as we ride, that we are careful not to portray the club as something it’s not. 

Important Dates


 January Elections: Each January is when chapter, state, and (in alternating years) national elections are held. 

Nasty Fest: Held in late March of every year, this event celebrates the life of Allen Nasty and is held in Dothan.   

Vortex Trip: Each summer the Pensacola chapter hosts a camping trip to Vortex Springs. 

Ugly Fest: Held in early November of every year, this event celebrates the founding of the club.   



Looking to join, well we may well have a chapter near you. Currently we have chapters in:

Georgia: Columbus, Macon

Alabama: Montgomery, Dothan, Mobile

Florida: Fort Walton, Panama City, Pensacola

Kentucky: Bowling Green

We are also starting chapters in: Birmingham, Atlanta, South Florida, South Mississippi