So You want to join?


First, are you local?

We have chapters in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and Mississippi. If you are in those areas you are probably in luck.

Second, contact the facebook

Message and ask to be put into contact with your closest chapter.

Third, come out.

Once you are in contact with your local chapter, start going and hanging out at their events. Get to know everyone, and see if this is a family you want to be a part of.

Fourth, tell an officer.

So you've hung out, figured out you like us and what we are about, your next step is to tell an officer you would like to join. If they are good with it, you will become a prospect. There may be a wait before your start your prospect period, so be patient.

Fifth, be a prospect.

Once you start prospecting, you will be a prospect for six months. This ouis our time to vettyou, and you to check us out. You are essentially a non-voting member.

Finally, patch in.

After six months the chapter will vote. If its a yes, you will become a full patch member. If its a no, they may just extend your prospect period.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Plug Uglies?  

The Plugs are a social club dedicated to the advancement of the local music scene. We especially work to promote the punk, metal, rock, and hardcore scenes, working to unify these various groups into one whole. Instead of all the punks over there, and the metal heads over here, why not bring them together, so that instead of 5 shows with 20 folks, we can start having shows with 100 people getting exposed to awesome new music.

But you guys are a bunch of punk rockers right?  

Sure most of our founders were, but today there are folks whose primary love is metal, hardcore, classic rock, you name it. What scene you came from doesn't matter, as long as you share our mission of helping all scenes.  

Where does the name come from?  

The club was named for a Baltimore street gang from the late 1800’s. There is no tie between the clubs, it was just thought to be a cool name.  

How long have you been around?  

The club was founded October 15th 2011.  

Where did it start?  

Columbus Georgia.

Are you a bike club?  

We are not. The club was founded by former bike club members, but having a bike is not, and has never, been a requirement for joining. Some members do ride however.  

Then why do you wear biker vests/patches?  

Our founding members were bikers, and that was what they were comfortable with. But the tradition of ‘battle jackets’ or ‘kuttes’ has long, long been a tradition in the punk rock and heavy metal music scenes, and as such was a natural choice for a music based club.  

What is the meaning behind your back patch?  

The founding President and Vice President, Chad Sheppard and Allen Nasty, were in a horror punk band called 213. The symbol for that band, the masked skull, was chosen as the emblem for the Plugs, because to them it meant family. It represented their bond as a band and also the bond we shared with friends. AS such it was a perfect symbol what what the club was really about: family.  

What’s that 78 about? Are there 78 of you?  

On a phone number pad, P is 7 and U is 8. PU = 78. It is a nickname of sorts. The fact that it synced up so well with a certain Misfits song…

What do you do for the scene?  

We support the scene in numerous ways. The primary way is by throwing shows, be it a small house show, or an all-day music fest at a Plug House. We often help bands get mini-tours by hitting up several chapters in a row, and we can help bands with merchandise or the like as well. We are always spreading the word about great new bands and shows, even if we are not affiliated with the event. We also frequently get involved in charity work, often throwing shows for good causes.  

I want to help, do I have to join?  

Of course not! If you don’t feel like the club is for you in a membership sort of way, no worries. Help out by coming to shows, and spreading the word about them.  

Why should I join?  

If you love the local music scene, and want to help it flourish, why not join with a large group of like-minded people? The best reason though is because the club quickly becomes a second family.  

Second Family?  

Yep. We are a safety net for each other. We have had members lose jobs and get help from the club, we have helped raise money for a brother’s surgery, and even helped to pay for the funeral expenses of lost members.

Are you going to make me do stupid/degrading/demeaning things to join?  

Never. How could you ever respect us if we asked that of you. Typical prospect duties are things like: helping to work the door at shows, helping to clean up, putting up flyers, things of that nature. No member will ever ask you to do something they themselves would not be willing to do.  

Are you going to beat me in/out?  

No! We are not a gang. Beat ins/outs are idiotic.  

Isn't joining something like this dangerous?  

No more so than joining any other social club like the shriners.  

What happens if I leave?  

Hopefully this will never happen. But you turn in your patches, and anything bearing the clubs name (members only gear) and go on about your way. You will not be reimbursed for these items, as they belong to the club.  

Can I get kicked out?  

Yes. But this is never done lightly. Doing things to give the club a bad name, or doing things to harm or hurt your brothers/sisters are the main ways to have your membership revoked.  

How old do I have to be?  

You have to be at 18 or older to start your prospect status.  

Do you allow women?  

We do! We have numerous women in the club. Women are never treated like property, and in fact several of our officers up to the rank of chapter president have been or are currently women.  

I have a criminal background, is that a problem?  

Lots of us have sordid pasts. If you have put that life behind you, then we have too.  

I use drugs, will that get me kicked out?  

What you do for personal recreation is just that, personal. That said, if your drug use becomes problematic the club would step in to get you the help you need. Continued abuse though can in extreme circumstances warrant expulsion.  

So there are dues?  

There are. It varies from chapter to chapter what they are. Typically it is in the 10-20 dollar a month range.  

What are dues used for?  

The needs of each chapter are different, but common expenses are: rent on venues, flyers, getting shirts made, buying patch sets, and throwing shows. As a member you can always ask your local chapter secretary for a full accounting of where they dues are going/have gone.  

What is Ugly Fest? Nasty Fest? 

The annual October music fest held to celebrate the founding of the club. One of the two high holidays of the club alongside Nasty Fest, which is held in March and celebrates the life of Allen Nasty.