In Memoriam

Allen 'Nasty' Dillard


Much has been said elsewhere on this site about Nasty. He was our co-founder, and the quintessential Plug: rough around the edges, punk rock, and willing to do anything for friends and family, which to him were one and the same. 

Zero 'Grandpa' Giles


Grandpa passed away from complications of Cushings Disease in June of of 2017. A long time member of the Dothan Chapter he was one of the most dedicated members this club has ever seen. Most of that chapter can trace their club names to him, a badge of honor to this day.

Charlie 'The Bull' Freese


The Bull passed away in his sleep June of 2016. A member of the Dothan member he was as loyal a friend as anyone could ask for. Most knew him from his stints as the smiling face working the doors at club shows, a job he did without complaint.